— A new community of ambitious creators.


Lost Arts is a blend of laboratory, workshop, atelier, incubator, school and playground rooted in a legacy of interdisciplinary spaces like the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College.

We believe in the power of networks and the value of creative freedom. We believe innovation is born from invention, invention is the result of creative expression and a networked creative community fuels vibrant and powerful economies.

Our intention is to empower creative community.



A cooperative

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds working on a wide range of projects that are discipline independent. And we like it that way. We would like as diverse a community of voices as possible. We're a collective of creatives, open to others.

Lost Arts has recently transitioned to a private cooperative. Between August 2016 and August 2017 we ran as an experimental public membership workspace, testing the value of a networked creative community. We've learned a great deal in that year. It's now time to put those learnings into action as we develop a permanent location in Chicago.

If you're interested in our future developments, we invite you to join our newsletter to keep abreast of our activities during our hiatus and leading up to our re-opening. We would love for you to join.