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Lost Arts is a blend of laboratory, workshop, atelier, incubator, school and playground rooted in a legacy of interdisciplinary spaces like the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College.

We believe innovation begins with the freedoms of creativity, and Lost Arts is where the fringe comes to explore and create.

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Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds working on a wide range of projects that are discipline independent. And we like it that way. We would like as diverse a community of voices as possible.

Lost Arts has recently transitioned from a public membership to a private cooperative during our hiatus. Between August 2016 through August 2017 we operated as a public membership space. It was a year-long experiment in the value of a networked creative community, from which we learned a great deal. It's now time to put those learnings into action as we develop a permanent location in the City of Chicago.

If you're interested in our future developments, we invite you to join our mailing list (below) to keep abreast of our activities. We would love for you to join.

The Space

Lost Arts has been designed as an escape pod from the noise and distractions of the everyday.
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Design Studio

Clean and simple lines with plenty of natural light. Outfitted with high-speed fiber-optic internet (Thanks, Xfinity!). The studio is intended to provide you a space that inspires your best work, be that on your laptop or notebook.

Prototyping Lab

Repleat with tools to aid in taking ideas from sketch to physical form. From 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering kits and sewing machines. We've designed the lab to encourage experimentation in fashion, wearable technology, physical computing, and more.


Built around a toolset for a diverse range of materials. From table saws and drill presses, to CNC routers and parallel clamps. Our workshop is gritty but organized.

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