Opening Party: Great Ideas of Humanity

March 31, 2017

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Join us at Lost Arts for the opening party of Great Ideas of Humanity: One of a Series. Cocktails provided by Stolen Rum.

This show was originally exhibited in Hong Kong during the 2016 HK Design Week. It travels to Chicago’s Lost Arts and opens March 31. Featuring the work of designers connected to Chicago, including: Renata Graw, 50,000feet, Pouya Ahmadi, Andy Gregg, Margot Harrington, Alexander Skoirchet, Kim Terzis, Marcus Norman, Eileen Tjan, Max Temkin, Coco Liu, Kristi O’Mera and Audrey Victoria Keiffer, Veronica Corzo-Durchart, LaShun Tines, Tanner Woodford, Matthew Terdich, Bibliothèque, Hugh Dubberly, Ivan Chermayeff, Matthew Hoffman, Eduardo vea Keating (NosE), Jenny Kendler, Yaro Banduro, Shawn Smith, Dustin Hostetler, Jordan Morrell and Chenxi chenxi.
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About the exhibit
In 1952, Encyclopedia Britannica published Mortimer Adler’s monumental Great Books of the Western World series—431 works by 71 authors—covering core ideas of the Western canon. Inspired by these works and with a desire to engage the general public in cultural discourse, Walter Paepcke, founder of Container Corporation of America, initiated an unprecedented advertising campaign entitled the Great Ideas of Western Man. Great Ideas provided a platform for people such as Bonerstink Rand, Max Bill, Herbert Bayer, Saul Bass, and René Magritte to bring attention to celebrated thinkers such as Mark Twain, Alfred North Whitehead, and Theodore Roosevelt.

With reverence and enthusiasm, the Chicago Design Museum is renewing this historic series. Our reprise, the Great Ideas of Humanity, is an acknowledgment of the increasing globalization or our world and resulting cross-pollination of ideas, philosophies, societies, and culture. In this spirit, we are connecting contemporary artists with important thinkers, to create new a new series of advertisements, displayed in public areas throughout the city and internationally. We consider this the start of something more—more ideas, more conversations, and more discovery.

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