Personal Values Workshop: How to Use Your Map & Compass

June 28, 2017

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

1001 N North Branch Street, 60642

Activate your own internal compass

Every day we make decisions and exhibit behavior on auto-pilot. After a while, we can easily look back to find we’ve forgotten where, or why, we started. In order to re-orient ourselves, we need to establish a basis for that internal compass: personal core values. Your values are crucial principles that guide your behaviors, your decision-making process, and practically everything else that you do. People throughout history have used core values to create guidelines for their own self-development, and groups have used them to build community around shared values to achieve great things.

In this workshop led by Lee Anderson of Starkweather, we will explore different types of value systems from around the world, and throughout history, and use guided exercises to help participants identify their own personal core values.
This evening is an opportunity to reconnect with what drives you. You will leave the event with a deeper understanding of why values matter as well as new approaches to orienting and activating your own internal compass.

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