Lost Arts is effectively a combination of four spaces. A design studio, prototyping lab, workshop and event space. Each has its distinct use, but all work together in concert, aiding in enabling our members to fulfill their creative vision. From designing an object to constructing the object, then documenting and sharing. Our space allows our members to create their dream project and an audience to hear their stories.

As a communal workspace, we work to retain a sense of order and clarity for Lost Arts and its members. We're not driven by profit, but instead purpose. Our purpose is the purpose of our members vision for themselves. Our focus is to provide focus.

Design Studio

The Design Studio is the first portion of Lost Arts you’ll encounter. Ample seating and table space to spread out and plan. Outfitted with high-speed fiber-optic internet from Xfinity, easy natural lighting by day, and soft LED lighting by night. Built to support all facets of design from software, and hardware, to sketching and art practices.


  • Communal work tables
  • Fiber Optic Wifi
  • Lounge
  • Refridgerator
  • Design reference library

Prototyping Lab

Adjoining our Design Studio is our Prototyping Lab, outfitted with a large bed laser cutter, multiple 3D printers, vinyl cutter, sewing machines and soldering irons. This space also finds ample seating and table space designed to take some abuse. A great space for cutting boards and exacto-knives. This space was developed to bridge the ideas into objects, rapidly and iteratively. A thinking space and doing space.


  • 36" x 55" Laser Cutter
  • Soldering Irons
  • Sewing Machines
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Makerbot 3D Printers (various sizes)
  • Worktables


The back third our of space is a dedicated workshop. Protective eyewear, proper shoes and earwear are required at all times. The Workshop is designed for a broad range of materials and uses, providing routing, cutting, sanding, and drilling equipment. From table saw to drill press, disc sander to CNC-router. Here you'll find architects, furniture designers, product designers and sculptors bringing their ideas into existance.


  • Table saw
  • Drill press
  • Hand sanders
  • Band saw
  • Belt sander
  • 1000mm CNC
  • Work tables

Events Gallery

We have a raw, 15,000 square foot events gallery adjoining the workspace. We've hosted and played host to a wide array of events from art openings, lectures, product launch demonstrations, film screenings, fundraising events, even private dinners and parties. We welcome you to stop by or reach out via e-mail to enquire about use of our space for your creative endeavor.

  • 15" PA System
  • 4-Channel Mixer
  • 3 Turntables
  • Mobile lighting
  • Power
  • Seating & Worktables

House Rules

As a community space, we live and work together. And in order to provide us all with the best possible environment to do our very best work we expect our members and our staff to realize that others are working in close proximity. It’s with this understand that we’ve developed the following house rules.

Be kind. Be conscious.

Others are working around you, before you and after you. Please be mindful of what you leave behind, the noise you make (hahaha, we’re a workshop, but still) and the language you use.

Always be knolling

As you use items in the workshop, please place them back where they belong when you’re done. If you see something lying where it shouldn’t, please place it where it belongs. Leave your space in better condition than when you entered. Always be knolling.

Simple is safe

We can only have fun if we're safe. We require all members utilizing our workshop to wear protective eyewear (we provide this for free), ear protective plugs (we also provide this for free) and closed toed shoes (sorry, you provide your own shoes). And lastly, no headphone in the workshop. Ever. Be safe. Be happy.