We value
one another

We believe there is greater strength in the fibers of community.

As a member of Lost Arts you gain access to a growing alliance of creatives interested in pushing personal and professional boundaries. Our members span the disciplines of Technology, Art, Architecture, Product Design, Music, Graphic Design, Engineering and more. Our evolving array of tools enable greater possibility for our members. From design and prototyping to lightweight production and product showcases in our event gallery.

Weekend Membership

Weekend memberships were designed for those who are exploring their creative practice at the early stages of development, or perhaps as a personal escape from their weekly routine. Both an escape and testing ground for early and new ideas.

Fee: $80.00 / month
Access: Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Storage: Standard cubby (dimensions)
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Nights & Weekends Membership

Our Nights & Weekends members are those who’ve become a bit more addicted to their own projects, or simply require more time to match their personal dedication and ambitions related to their project. We see Nights & Weekends members reaching for full-time membership as a goal.

Fee: $200.00 / month
Access: Tuesday – Friday, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM;
Saturday – Sunday, 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Storage: Standard cubby (dimensions)
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Full-time Membership

For our Full-time members, they require more time, space and focus on their projects. Typically used by small teams, or independent individuals pushing their art practice, startup or business toward a commercial venture.

Fee: $500.00 / month
Access: Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Storage: Standard cubby (dimensions)
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Member Benefits


All of our memberships are month-to-month, allowing greater flexibility to work based on their needs. Some work intensely for a few months for a commission, once delivered they place their membership on hold. Others are more steadfast, looking for longer-term use to see multiple projects or a larger initiative through. From startups to artists and independent designers. We strive for flexibility as our aim is to build our business on the dedication to those creative people working through the early stages of their work.


With any membership to Lost Arts comes storage. Similar to your locker at a gym, we provide you a cubby to store personal tools or materials for use when you're working. And just like a gym, we strongly suggest you bring a lock.


As a member at any level, you gain access to our entire workspace. From the design studio to the prototyping lab and the workshop. Our goal is not to charge you for every little thing, but instead easily enable you to drift from one area of the facility to another as the need arises.


Our staff of mentors are on-site during open hours, and are there to help you with your project. Support might come in the form of a simple brainstorm, instruction, problem solving, or simply directing you to a series of excellent youtube videos to get you through your project.


At the core of Lost Arts is a group of brilliant, creative and driven people. This is our community. These are our members. We work hard to establish meaningful connections between members in support of their individual goals. Our community supports one another and seeks support from one another. They periodically collaborate and conspire, bringing new projects to life.

Member-priority Events

With our growing community of members and our 15,000 square foot event gallery, we host events each week, and many are member-only events.

We conspire

We are a collective of creatives, bridging a wide range of skills, disciplines and perspectives. And together we work within the space we call Lost Arts.